Our Services

Community Engagement

Designing effective community engagement strategies that allow key stakeholders to provide meaningful input is Added Dimension’s cornerstone. We recognize and understand the importance of actively engaging key stakeholders and the community early and often in the planning and decision-making process.

Our Work Includes:

  • Key Stakeholder and/or target audience identification
  • Development and implementation of targeted engagement strategies and plans to identify issues early
  • Development of easy to understand messages and collateral materials such as newsletters, fact sheets, brochures and much more
  • Development of quantitative and qualitative evaluation tools and measures to determine the effectiveness of outreach strategies and approaches
  • Coordination of public events and community activities such as:
    • Public Hearings
    • Public Meetings
    • Open Houses
    • Charrettes
    • Workshops
    • Tours
    • Campaigns
    • Contests
    • Community Events

additional services

  • Event Management

  • Government Relations

  • Media Relations

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Our Approach

AD believes that ordinary people, when given the opportunity to take part and become active participants in the decision-making process, can create a unique and identifiable sense of community. We aspire to provide our clients with meaningful and appropriate outreach and engagement services that achieve extraordinary results. These core principles are universal to our practice and are the framework for our firm’s identity and engagement processes.