About the Principal

MaryAnn Taylor CrateMaryAnn Taylor Crate, founder and principal of Added Dimension, LLC has worked in the St. Louis community since 1992. She has designed and implemented outreach and communication initiatives for a wide-range of public-sector infrastructure projects and programs. Her widespread experience includes designing engagement programs surrounding the development of feasibility studies, major investment studies, environmental assessments and remediation initiatives, transit and rail projects, growth management studies, trail projects, and management of transit-oriented development projects.

MaryAnn has extensive media training; planning and coordinating public events, meetings, open houses, community education workshops and forums; development of community-based communication plans and implementation of grassroots community engagement strategies.

community involvement

Added Dimension is proud to take part in various community events that focus on youth and transportation.  Some of the community events we're involved in include:

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Our Team

Krystal McIntoshSr. Communication Coordinator and Office Manager: Krystal McIntosh
Krystal McIntosh serves as the Sr. Communications Coordinator and Office Manager. She is responsible for assisting in the designing and implementation of strategies to involve the public in project planning and decision-making processes.  Krystal leads and manages our social media activities.  In December 2013, Krystal received her Masters of Arts Degree in Communications from Lindenwood University located in St. Charles, MO.  She is a native St. Louisian and has a Bachelors of Arts degree in Journalism from Lincoln University in Jefferson City, Missouri.  Krystal is an important member of AD's leadership team and is one of Added Dimension’s key writers, meeting coordinators and database management technician.

Felicia Miller HarrisAdministrative Assistant: Felicia Miller Harris
Felicia Miller Harris serves as office Administrative Assistant. She is responsible for providing administrative assistance to the Principal and Office Manager. Felicia is currently responsible for ensuring that all meeting correspondence related to AD’s active projects and pursuits are properly documented and catalogued. She assists with event planning and social media activities.  Felicia is also responsible for providing administrative assistance to the St. Louis Chapter of COMTO and serves as the 2013 Membership Chair.

Robert InnisIndependent Public Involvement Consultant: Robert Innis
Robert Innis serves as an independent public involvement consultant. As principal of the Innis Consulting Group, Robert is responsible for reviewing and conducting an inventory of existing planning documents and assessing any land use and zoning issues related to planning and transportation projects where AD is designing an engagement program. He also assists in the development of scenario alternatives. He serves as co-facilitator for focus group and design charrettes. Robert brings to AD a wide range of experience in management of controversial planning projects and has extensive knowledge in investment alternative studies.

Sarah's Photo

Independent Graphic Design Consultant: Sarah Hamilton

Sarah Hamilton serves as an independent graphic design consultant. As principal of Hamilton Graphics, Sarah is responsible for providing design services on planning and transportation projects where AD is developing and implementing an engagement program. She has more than 15 years of experience and has created graphic design for print and online advertising.  Sarah brings to AD a wide range of experience and has assisted AD in the development of full-color print magazines, advertisements, newsletters, eBooks, logos and corporate identity materials.